Fresh fragrances have an enormous range, and can be anything from citrus based scents, to green, herbal notes, right up to aquatic scents. 

These scents are clean and effervescent, and are ideal for the everyday. 


TÄNDA's Classic Collection features fresh notes in the following fragrances:


  • Lavender, Cucumber & Sage

         - notes of lavender, chamomile, sage leaf, fresh cucumber, violet, & lilies.

  • Lime, Basil & Mandarin

         - notes of lime zest, thyme, basil leaf, & sweet mandarin

  • Tahitian Lime & Coconut

         - notes of lime zest, coconut, & verbena 

  • Tangerine Guava

         - notes of guava nectar, geranium, violet, & tangerine zest


Available in Soy Melts, and Small, Medium & Large Candles.